Important Update

Due to the major health risks created by the coronavirus, it is with deep disappointment that the Center for Civic Education has decided to cancel the in-person portions of the 2020 We the People National Finals and the National Invitational. We are working on an alternative plan that will involve video hearings that are evaluated and scored by our expert judges. We will provide more information in the coming days and weeks. Read our full statement here.

The information below is refers to the in-person hearings and is for reference only.


Registration and Information


Registration Desk Staff– West Building

Registration staff greets teachers, parents and guests as they arrive. They issue
nametags, distribute maps and information packets as needed, and answer questions.
On Saturday, Sunday and Monday they direct the classes to the Orientation Room.
registration desk

Information Desk Staff– North Building
Information staff answers questions from parents and guests, assist them in locating
student hearing rooms, invite parents to wait in the Parent Lounge, and help with crowd control.

Registration/Information Job Description

west building

divide b


Facilitator/Timers are responsible for escorting in a timely fashion a panel of judges to the
hearing rooms. Once in a hearing room facilitators officially welcome everyone. Facilitator/Timers
are also responsible for distributing score sheets to the judges and collecting them after the

Facilitator/Timers are responsible for keeping accurate timing of the congressional hearings.
Hearings on Saturday and Sunday are ten minutes long in duration (four minutes for the
opening statement and six minutes for follow-up questions).

On Monday the hearings are extended to fifteen minutes in duration (four minutes for the
opening statement and eleven minutes for follow-up questions).

Facilitator/Timers Job Description

      Timers' Orientation Video

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Floor Supervisors

Floor Supervisors are responsible for greeting classes upon arrival at the competition.
They are also responsible for directing classes, parents, visitors, and other guests to the
student briefing room and the hearing rooms. During the hearings the floor supervisors
ensure the hearings are undisturbed. After the completion of class hearings, the floor
supervisors help direct classes to their buses. They also inspect the hearing rooms to make
sure they are ready for the next division of classes. Floor supervisors are always ready to
handle any problems that may arise.

Floor Supervisor Job Description

crowd control2

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Scoring Team

The six member scoring team is responsible for tabulating the judges' score
sheets for each of the fifty-six classes. Six different panels of three judges score each
of the six units for a total of eighteen judges' score sheets. Each class testifies on one
question on Saturday andtestifies again on a different question on Sunday
(3 judge panels x 6 units x 2 days = 36 score sheets).

Each score sheet includes six criteria, and each criterion is worth ten points. The highest
possible score for each score sheet is 60 points. Each unit is judged by three judges;
therefore, the highest possible unit score is 180 points. Because there are six units, the
highest possible class score is 1,080 points. Because classes testify on two days, the
highest possible total class score is 2,160 points.

Classes qualify for the top ten by earning combined scores from the first two days of
competition. The national winner is determined by doubling the third-day scores and
adding them to the total scores for the first two days. The highest score possible for
the national finals is 4,320 points.

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The Setup Crew

This Setup Crew is responsible for assembling, moving, and removing the banners, room
indicators, and other needed signage around the National Conference Center during the
National Finals. The Crew is responsible for helping arrange the stage for the Awards
Ceremony on Monday evening and for taking down all banners, signs and equipment
and preparing them for storage.

Setup Up Crew Job Description

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An Opportunity to Donate

As you’re visiting the We the People National Finals, keep your eye out for this little yellow machine. This handy device gives visitors a chance to make a quick and easy $25 donation to the We the People program. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, volunteers and friends, you have seen first hand how important this program is to our representative democracy. Just dip in your credit card, listen for the bell, and know that your $25 donation is appreciated.



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