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Important Update

Due to the major health risks created by the coronavirus, it is with deep disappointment that the Center for Civic Education has decided to cancel the in-person portions of the 2020 We the People National Finals and the National Invitational. We are working on an alternative plan that will involve video hearings that are evaluated and scored by our expert judges. We will provide more information in the coming days and weeks. Read our full statement here.


NF19 parents

The 33rd Annual We the People National Finals looks forward to welcoming parents and other visitors from around the country. Every year more than 1,000  parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors travel to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the accomplishment of these remarkable students. The following information will help you better understand and enjoy the competition and events.

Don't miss our two livestreams, which you can watch on the Center for Civic Education's Facebook page:

Top Twelve Announcement: Sunday, April 26 at 9:15 p.m. EST
Top Twelve Monday Hearing Schedule
Awards Ceremony:
 Monday, April 27 at 8:30 p.m. EST

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Registration Desk (West Building) and Information Table (North Building)

On Saturday, visitors should register at the Center’s Registration Desk located near West Belmont Place entrance of the West Building of the National Conference Center. Each visitor will be issued a state badge that must be worn at all times during competition events.  On Sunday, visitors may revisit the Registration Desk for a new badge or use their old badge and go directly to the North Building and wait in the Visitors Lounge. 
Guests may use their name badge from Saturday or request a new badge at the Information Table in the West Building. Any person not wearing a name or state badge will be denied access to hearing rooms. Parents and visitors may attend the student orientation or wait for the hearings to begin at the Visitors Lounge in the North building.

An Opportunity to Donate

As you’re visiting the We the People National Finals, keep your eye out for this little yellow machine. This handy device gives visitors a chance to make a quick and easy $25 donation to the We the People program. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, volunteers and friends, you have seen first hand how important this program is to our representative democracy. Just dip in your credit card, listen for the bell, and know that your $25 donation is appreciated.

Hearing Rooms

Saturday, Sunday and Monday

The hearings on all three days take place at the National Conference Center. Every effort will be made to ensure that parents and visitors who have come to see a particular student testify will be seated in the room during that student’s unit hearing. Classes that have a large number of parents and visitors may have to devise rotation schedule. To ensure the hearings are not interrupted, parents and visitors will be admitted to the hearing room at appropriate break times between units.

To ensure fairness anyone affiliated with a competing class (teachers, coaches, students, chaperons, parents, friends, relatives, etc.) may not enter the hearing room of any other competing class. Once a class hearing is completed, floor supervisors and Center staff will help exit classes and visitors in a timely fashion.


 Student Orientation Room


The Student Orientation is held in the Loudoun Room of the National Conference Center. On the Saturday and Sunday there will be a half hour briefing for all classes before the hearings begin. Robert Leming, Director of the We the People Programs and Mark Molli, Director of Governmental Relations will officially welcome students, teachers, parents, and visitors to the 33rd We the People National Finals and address the students about important matters concerning the competition. Upon arrival floor supervisors and Center staff will direct students to the orientation room. Parents and visitors are welcome. At the end of the briefing, floor supervisors and Center staff will direct classes to their hearing rooms. Once all classes have been dismissed, parents and visitors will be directed to the hearing rooms.

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

Watch the livestream of the awards ceremony on the Center for Civic Education's Facebook page on Monday, April 27, 2020 beginning at 7:30 pm Eastern. The awards ceremony is the culminating event of the 33rd Annual We the People National Finals and a time to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the students and teachers participating in the competition will be held in the Ballroom of the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Virginia.



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