The Framers of the Constitution

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Constitution Day Scavenger Hunt with 60-Second Civics

Lesson Overview 

Fifty-five delegates were present at the Constitutional Convention, which was held in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787. Most students can identify George Washington, James Madison, and maybe even Alexander Hamilton. But what about the other fifty-two delegates? Who were they? How did they influence the convention? In this lesson students will familiarize themselves with the delegates by listening to a series of 60-Second Civics podcast episodes devoted to the Framers of the Constitution. This lesson can be used as an introduction to any social studies or history unit about the creation of the Constitution. As students go through this and subsequent units, they should pay attention to the role these delegates or Framers played not only at the convention but in the first decades of our nation’s history. 

Suggested grade levels: Fifth–tenth grades (upper elementary, middle, and high school)

Objectives: By the end of this lesson students should be able to
  • identify the fifty-five delegates to the Constitutional Convention and the states they represented;
  • compare the similarities and differences between the delegates; and
  • discuss the political work the delegates went on to do after the convention.

60-Second Civics Podcasts on the Framers of the Constitution

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