Showcases Results 2022
The Center for Civic Education is pleased to announce 2022 National Project Citizen Showcase results. The showcase featured digital Project Citizen portfolios from upper elementary, middle, and high school classes across the country. The fourteen participating classes tackled various public policy issues, such as school safety, comprehensive sex education, road potholes, and euthanization of shelter animals. Each project is unique and shows students' commitment to serious issues in their communities. In addition to the thoughtful and insightful projects at the national showcase, we commend every student and teacher across the country who participated in Project Citizen this year!


Newark Charter Jr/Sr High School

New York
The Mamie Fay School PS 122

Evergreen Middle School

Miami Arts Studio

New York
New Dorp High School

West Virginia
Saint Albans High School

New Jersey
Ridge High School

Roosevelt High School


Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School

New Jersey
Florence M Gaudineer Middle School

Northwest High School

Hawkins Middle School

St Louis Park High School


Luella High School

Each portfolio was evaluated at least two times by constitutional and civic education professionals and experts. Achievement level results are based on the average score from the rounds of portfolio evaluation during the national showcase.

Special recognition to all the Project Citizen teachers and students in the nation for their work on Project Citizen during the 2021-2022 school year.

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