Center for Civic Education Staff

Robert Leming, Director, We the People Programs
Rebecca Reeder, National Finals Coordinator
Maria Gallo, Director of Professional Development and Special Programs
Janel Huber, Administrative Assistant
Valerie Milianni, Office Manager

Technology Specialists

Mark Gage, Director of Publishing and Digital Content, Center for Civic Education
Greg Synnott, Director, Information Technology, Center for Civic Education


Christine Hull, Nevada History Day Coordinator
Tim Kalgreen, Director of Civic Education, Indiana Bar Foundation
Donald Lanier, LRE Program Manager, South Carolina Bar Association
Ryan Suskey, Director of Professional Development & Programs, Ohio Center for Law-Related Education


Judging Team 1-Donald Lanier (A&B)
Jen Patja
Emily Voss
Mike Meadows
Chris Kenton
Ellen Zwarensteyn
Marcie Taylor-Thoma

Judging Team 2-Ryan Suskey (A&B)
Erin Simcik
Sam Swinson
Allison Borowy
Samantha Fowler
Matt Ziebarth
Kate Wilson

Judging Team 3- Christine Hull (C&D)
Sondra Cosgrove
Will Hull
Hannah Jackson
Carol McGrew
Jenna Garcia
Marylin Cover

Judging Team 4- Tim Kalgreen (C&D)
Cheryl Cook-Kallio
Shannon Sweat Post
John Armendt
Shane Piccinini
Lindsey Horner
Alissa Irion-Groth

Scoring Team

Tim Kalgreen
Kayla O'Brien
Joseph O'Connor

The three member scoring team is responsible for tabulating the judges' electronically submitted score sheets for each of the forty-seven classes. Each class testifies on one question on Saturday and testifies again on a different question on Sunday. The Top Twelve classes advance to round #3 on Monday where one of the questions will be repeated with longer follow up questioning.


2021 National Finals

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