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are responsible for keeping accurate timing of the congressional hearings.
Hearings on Saturday and Sunday are ten minutes long in duration (four minutes for the
opening statement and six minutes for follow-up questions).

On Monday the hearings are extended to fifteen minutes in duration (four minutes for the
opening statement and eleven minutes for follow-up questions).

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are responsible for escorting in a timely fashion a panel of judges to the
hearing rooms. Once in a hearing room facilitators officially welcome everyone. Facilitators
are also responsible for distributing score sheets to the judges and collecting them after the

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Floor Supervisors are responsible for greeting classes upon arrival at the competition.
They are also responsible for directing classes, parents, visitors, and other guests to the student
briefing room and the hearing rooms. During the hearings the floor supervisors ensure the hearings
are undisturbed. After the completion of class hearings, the floor supervisors help direct classes to
their buses. They also inspect the hearing rooms to make sure they are ready for the next division
of classes. Floor supervisors are always ready to handle any problems that may arise.

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