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High School Unit Award
(Recognizing the Wauwatosa East High School unit with the highest cumulative score over two days of competition)
Unit 1

Middle School Unit Awards
Unit 1 - Michigan
Unit 2 - Ohio
Unit 3 - Ohio
Unit 4 - Michigan
Unit 5 - Arizona
Unit 6 - Florida

Magna Carta Award
(The Center drafted a middle school hearing question to commemorate the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. This question was asked on Saturday to our Unit 2 panelists and the award was given to recognize the highest scoring group)
Brown County Junior High School, Indiana

Middle School Placement Awards

Third Place
Inza R. Wood Middle School, Oregon

Second Place
Brown County Junior High School, Indiana

First Place 
Third Annual We the People National Invitational Middle School Champions 
Rachel Carson Middle School, Virginia