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Project Citizen Research Program

Free Professional Development for Teachers!

The Project Citizen Research Program, a research grant from the U.S. Department of Education, has given the Center for Civic Education and its partners the opportunity to offer free professional development for middle and high school teachers new to the Project Citizen curriculum!

Why Participate?

Some of the benefits of joining:

  • Free summer professional development
  • A free set of books for use with your students
  • A modest stipend

Teachers taking part in the program will

  • Participate in a four- to five-day summer professional development institute in their region and twelve hours of in-person and online sessions during the ensuing academic year with nineteen other teachers in a multistate region (listed below)
  • Engage their students in the Project Citizen curriculum, including submitting a portfolio to a regional showcase
  • Receive support from mentor teachers and a regional online community
  • Complete pre- and post-surveys of their civic knowledge and instructional methods
  • Supervise students as they complete pre- and post-surveys


Beginning Summer 2022: PCRP Regional Sites-Cohort 3
Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5
Hawaii (Lead) Wyoming/Kansas (Leads) Michigan (Lead) Tennessee (Lead) Maryland (Lead)
Arizona Colorado Illinois Alabama Connecticut
Alaska Montana Indiana Arkansas Delaware
California Nebraska Iowa Florida District of Columbia
Idaho New Mexico Kentucky Georgia Maine
Nevada North Dakota Minnesota Louisiana Massachusetts
Oregon Oklahoma Missouri Mississippi New Hampshire
Utah South Dakota Ohio North Carolina New Jersey
Washington Texas West Virginia South Carolina New York
    Wisconsin Virginia Pennsylvania
        Rhode Island


Your participation in this program will provide researchers insights on

  • Teaching and learning methods that contribute to civic knowledge, skills, and behavioral outcomes
  • How to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for responsible and effective participation in school and civic life

How Do I Apply for This Program?

To find out how you can participate in the teacher cohort that begins in the upcoming summer, contact your state Project Citizen coordinator. If a coordinator is not currently listed in your state, please contact the lead state coordinator in your region, as noted in the table above. 

Opportunities in your State

The Center for Civic Education administers the We the People: Project Citizen program nationally through a network of coordinators. These coordinators work with their members of Congress, business and community leaders, and local educators to contribute to the success of the program. For contact information, please see the state coordinator page here.


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