Featured Civitas International Programs Videos

Project Citizen Documentary "The World We Want"
This video summarizes "The World We Want," an independent documentary film featuring Project Citizen students around the world. The complete, feature-length documentary is below.

Civitas Bosnia
Civitas Bosnia and Herzegovina has successfully led civic education programs with more than a million students throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1996.

Project Citizen Philippines
This video from the Philippines describes the importance of active participation in a democracy and highlights how youth can solve community problems through Project Citizen.

International Project Citizen Videos

Project Citizen in Latin America
This video describes the steps of Project Citizen and relates its impact in Latin America through interviews with students, teachers, and civic education leaders.

Project Citizen Gaza
Project Citizen empowers young people in public and UNRWA schools in Gaza to solve problems and conduct social audits.

Projek Warga - Project Citizen in Malaysia
This video gives an overview of the Projek Warga (Project Citizen) civic education program in Malaysia. Highlights include footage from the 2004 Projek Warga Student Showcase held at the Universiti Sains Malaysia in Penang.

Project Citizen China
The Center for Civic Education led a delegation of participants from four countries to China to take part in the International Forum on Civic Education held in the cities of Changzhou and Nanjing in Jiangsu Province.

"The World We Want" Documentary Trailer
"The World We Want" is a documentary film about students around the world participating in the Project Citizen civic education program. This trailer highlights students using the democratic process to make a positive difference in their communities and countries.

"The World We Want" Full-Length Documentary
"The World We Want" is an independent film that focuses on the inspiring stories of young people from around the world participating in the international civic education program Project Citizen.

Video Interviews for Tavaana E-Learning Institute

The following video interviews from Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society (www.tavaana.org) feature Civitas International Programs partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, and Russia speaking about their work in civic education. A portion of each video relates to a concept from the curricular program Foundations of Democracy: Authority, Privacy, Responsibility, and Justice.

Rahela Dzidic (Responsibility)

Zafarullah Khan (Authority)

Evgeny Belyakov (Privacy)

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