Voting Lessons

Many of these lessons are from Citizens, Not Spectators and could be taught at any time, but are most effective when teaching about voting during the time of actual federal, state, or local elections.

These popular lessons have not been lost; they have been merely rearranged and updated. The updating of these lessons will occur from time to timebut it would be a great deal of help if you, the teacher, also would check on the validity of various websites. 

The lessons have been divided between four segments according to the most relevant grade level(s): Across Grade Levels, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School.

New lessons will be added from time to time. All teachers should review all lessons regardless of the grade they teach or is indicated for a lesson. Teachers should also review the free lessons listed for Constitution Day. Various lessons at this site will complement these Voting Lessons.

Across Grade Levels

Activity for Resource Document: Important Dates in the Voting History of the United States

Lesson: A Simulated Election

Lesson: Becoming a Voter


Lesson: What is a Good Rule? Creating Initiatives


Lesson: Being an Informed Voter


Presidential Election Lessons (.zip file of all lessons)

    Additional Material: Teacher resource 1, Student Handout 1


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