What Unites Us Is More Powerful Than What Divides Us

James Madison Quote If Men Were AngelsThe deeply disturbing events we all witnessed on January 6, 2021, struck at the very heart of our nation and attacked the very core of the American ideal that a peaceful transfer of power is an indivisible part of our national identity.

Never before in our history has the work of our organization, and the work of our sister organizations, been more vital. We will continue to share resources from the Center for Civic Education and our greater community for the benefit of our fellow educators and the public. We also join everyone who is calling for a renewed dedication to the fields of history, civics, social studies, and constitutional law. Put bluntly, our nation depends on it.

We continue to believe that we are stronger as a nation when we are united in our common understanding of the principles, those written within our Constitution and those unwritten within our democratic norms. Together, united, we must remain vigilant defenders of our democratic republic.

Christopher R. Riano
President, Center for Civic Education

Classroom Resources for Teaching the Peaceful Transition of Power

These resources from the Center for Civic Education and our sister organizations are designed to help teachers explain the events of January 6, 2021, to their students.

Foundations of Democracy and Government by Share My Lesson featuring lessons by the Center and 60-Second Civics
Peaceful Transfer of Power (Infographic) by iCivics
#sschat Special Discussion, January 6, 2021 by #sschat
#sschat Resource Sharing for January 6 (Google Doc) by #sschat
Peaceful Transitions by the Bill of Rights Institute
Responding to the Insurrection at the US Capitol by Facing History and Ourselves
Interactive Constitution by the National Constitution Center
Election Day to Inauguration Day: What Happens in Those 78 Days by Street Law
Lesson Plan: Reactions to the January 6 Attacks on the U.S. Capitol by C-SPAN Classroom


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