National Advanced Content Seminars Print
As funding is available, the Center conducts national advanced content seminars. These seminars conducted at historically relevant locations engage participants in learning about historical content, teaching methods, and modern applications of enduring constitutional issues. During the seminars participants interact with scholars and historically relevant people. Unfortunately, the Center will not be conducting seminars in 2014. Questions about the seminars contact Robert Leming.

advanced_civilrights_button Birmingham Civil Rights Movement
The three-day seminar provides educators from throughout the country an opportunity to learn more about the civil rights movement, to see first-hand important landmarks in Birmingham and to interact with civil rights leaders, foot soldiers, and scholars. Teachers attend lectures and participate in discussions at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, visit Kelly Ingram Park and the 16th Street Baptist Church and attend church service at Bethel Baptist. The seminar is held in Birmingham, Alabama.

020611-Marshall-Lo-190-100 John Marshall
John Marshall, his life, and his judicial philosophy are the focus of this seminar. Serving as backdrops to the lectures and discussions are the historic John Marshall House in Richmond, the Supreme Court of Virginia, and the Library of Virginia. The landmark case of Marbury v. Madison and other important Marshall decisions are discussed. In addition, there are discussions on incorporating learning about John Marshall into the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program. The seminar is held in Richmond, Virginia.

020611Madison-Lo-190-100 James Madison
The Madison seminar focuses on James Madison's contribution to American political thought and the writing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Participants are also given a tour of the Montpelier mansion, an archeological tour of the grounds, and a self-guided tour of the historic property. Participants reside on the grounds of James Madison’s Montpelier, in DuPont era renovated houses, which are a short walk from both the mansion and the educational facilities. The seminar is held at James Madsion's Montpelier in Orange, Virginia.

020711-WTP-PortFound-PD-Lo-190-100 Founders
An Intimate Portrait of the Founders illuminates the “behind the scenes” events and dynamics of the founding generation. The seminar provides fresh insights into the formative years of our national experience by focusing on the character, personalities, and mannerisms of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Lafayette, and Abigail Adams. The seminar is held in Madison, Wisconsin. 

031711-WTP-PD_navajo_nation Navajo Nation Experience
The Navajo Nation Experience seminar focuses on Navajo history, culture, and government. Participants interact with Navajo scholars, educators, and governmental officials, and visit historical sites including Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley. The participants also discuss how to include teaching about the Navajos and important Native American issues in their classes. The seminar is held in Chinle, Arizona.

030311-WTP-PD-ImperialPresidency-190-100 Imperial Presidency
Presidential history experts Professor David Gray Adler and Professor Ron Hatzenbeuhler walk seminar participants through the Rise of the Imperial Presidency. The seminar tracks historical increases in the scope of the executive powers, starting with Washington and tracing famous imperial presidents from Lincoln to Obama. The seminar is held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
062711-Womens-Portal-Button-190-110 Women in Constitutional History
The Elizabeth Cady Stanton House, M’Clintock House, and Wesleyan Chapel at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and the Women’s Hall of Fame serve as backdrops for discussions about the first women’s rights convention, Woodrow Wilson and women’s suffrage, and the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. There are also discussions about gender in civic education and assessing the progress of women in America and abroad.