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gorman5                                                  September 21-24, 2012                                  
                                  Chinle Unified School District Board Room
                                                         Chinle, Arizona
                                                                                                           Sponsored byNAHA TAH Logo

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Seminar Overview
Navajo history, culture, and government is an important aspect of the American story.  During the Navajo Nation Experience Seminar participants interact with Navajo scholars, educators and governmental officials and learn how to
teach about the Navajos and U. S. Supreme Court decisions that impact the lives of Native Americans. In addition,
participants learn about the Chief Manuelito and his wife Juanita, the Long Walk and the significance of Canyon de Chelly.

Seminar Director                                                                                       Grant Liaison

    Dr. Linda Sargent Wood                                                  Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch
    Assistant Professor of History                                         Flagstaff Unified
    Northern Arizona University                                             School District

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Seminar Agenda

Participant Information

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Seminar Falculty

Professor Jennifer Denetdale     Professor David Wilkins      Chief Justice Herb Yazzie    Professor Steve Pavlik
University of New Mexico            University of Minnesota       Navajo Supreme Court          Northwest Indian College



Herb Yazzie








    Professor Robert Leming       Jennifer Castro                             Tina Ochoa                        LaVerne Garnenez
    Center for Civic Education     Arizona Bar Foundation              Citizenship Counts           Navajo Supreme Court


jennifer castro


 navajo supreme court






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Navajo Nation Experience Video

  Part One                                                                                                Part Two

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Teacher Resources

The Dawes Act, 1887                                Indian Removal Act, 1830

 Tribal Sovereignty—A Potpourri of Definitions
 Indigenous Nations and the American Political System
 Historical Development of the Federal-Tribal Relationship
 Chart to Establish Degree of Indian Blood
 Chart of Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country by Parties and Crimes
 Chart of Civil Jurisdiction in Indian Country by Parties and Subject Matter

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For more information about this seminar contact Dr. Linda Sargent Wood, Assistant Professor of History, Northern Arizona University or Rosanna Jumbo-Fitch, Flagstaff Unified School District Grant Liaison, 928-225-1658