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"James Madison believed that good government was one in which all three branches exhibited energy. Some scholars suggest that over time the executive branch has expanded its power constitutionally or in spite of the Constitution in relationship to the other two branches."
—Robert S. Leming
    Director, The We the People Programs
    Center for Civic Education


"The Rise of the Imperial Presidency advanced content institute provides participants with a tremendous background on the historical precedents, personalities and decisions that have shaped the executive office.  Dr. David Adler and Dr. Ron Hatzenbeuhler provide an in-depth look and deep level of understanding on the role of the presidency in our republic; they are both content experts and incredible teachers.  Most important will be the benefits derived by the participants as they return to classrooms with tremendous knowledge on the executive branch."
—Matt Strannigan
    Co-Director, The Rise of the Imperial Presidency

"By studying the Rise of the Imperial Presidency, any social studies teacher can gain a better understanding of how our political system has evolved and how we can fix it.  This seminar also provides teachers with any opportunity to look critically at our political system and to study those moment in American history when the executive has over reached its constitutional power."
—Troy Hamilton
    Co-Director, The Rise of the Imperial Presidency

Partner Organization
McClure Center for Constitutional Studies, University of Idaho

2010 Agenda
Rise of the Imperial Presidency Agenda 2010

Dr. David Gray Adler, Director, McClure Center for Constitutional Studies, University of Idaho
Dr. Ron Hatzenbeuhler, Chair, Department of American History, Idaho State University

Reflections from Participants
"This event was highly valuable to me, being able to help my students better understand the unit questions and provide them with further resources needed to create thoughtful, knowledgeable, and cohesive answers and responses."
—Liz Liefer, teacher, New Plymouth High School, New Plymouth, Idaho

"This was a wonderful seminar that extended my understanding of how the presidency has grown throughout the history of our nation."
—Meagan Todd, teacher, Laramie High School, Laramie, Wyoming

"Dr. Adler and Dr. Hatzenbuehler are a great duo and their knowledge and scholarship made this a powerful Institute that everyone who teaches History or Government should attend."
—Holly Kartchner, teacher, Blackfoot High School, Blackfoot, Idaho