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"The best way to understand good government
is to know and understand the ideas and beliefs of the Founders and their relevance today."
—Robert S. Leming
    Director, The We the People Programs
    Center for Civic Education


An Intimate Portrait of the Founders illuminates the “behind the scenes” events and dynamics of the founding generation. The seminar provides fresh insights into the formative years of our national experience by focusing on the character, personalities, and mannerisms of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, the Marquis de la Fayette, and Abigail Adams. The seminar is held in Madison, Wisconsin.
John Kaminski, Professor of History and Director of the Center of the Study of the American Constitution.

Reflections from Participants

"I feel like I got to know the founders. It was their lives, stories, and passions. I can make these people real to my students."

"This was an amazing collection of stories that add depth to the lessons that I have prepared for my students."

"The seminar provided valuable conversations and vertical alignment. One of the best professional development opportunities I've had this year."

Teacher Resources

America's Founders by John Kaminski. Parallel Press Chapbook Series.

The Founders on the Founders: Word Portraits from the American Revolutionary Era
. Edited by John Kaminski. University of Virginia Press.

Past Agendas
Seminar Agenda, 2009