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Outreach for the Deaf Community
Outreach for the Deaf Community‚ÄĒCaptioned

thumb_deaf_community_outreach_1The Center collaborates with Civication, Inc., to promote civic education among schools for the deaf throughout the nation. The Justice is Also Deaf project encourages deaf students and teachers to participate in the We the People program. The project includes free curricular materials, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance to teachers.

thumb_deaf_community_outreach_2The project culminates with deaf students participating in simulated congressional hearings in their schools and in the National Finals for the Deaf Community in Washington, D.C. While in Washington, students have the opportunity to explore historic sites, visit museums, and meet with members of Congress and other prominent officials. 

As 2011 begins, students in schools for the deaf across the country prepare for their own simulated congressional hearings, as they continue to learn about the Constitution and their rights and obligations as citizens. 

For more information on We the People Outreach for the Deaf Community, contact Robert Leming at leming@civiced.org