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To encourage collaboration amongst participating teachers, each year of the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution's High Needs Initiative focuses on specific grade levels: upper elementary, middle, and high school. The targeted level rotates every year, and the professional development institute is held annually at James Madison University.

Elementary School
In 2011, elementary school teachers from high-needs schools will be invited to participate in a summer institute at James Madison University. From July 6–13, participants will gather to learn the We the People curriculum.

021311-WTP-HiNeeds-Middle-Crop-300-200 Middle School
From February 13–16, 2009, teachers from eighteen middle schools participated in the inaugural professional development seminar for the We the People Initiative for High-Needs Students. The teachers were also invited to attend the seven-day summer institute at James Madison University to further hone their content knowledge and teaching methods.

021311-WTP-HiNeeds-High-Crop-300-200 High School
From July 7–15, 2010, high school teachers participating in the second year of the We the People Initiative for High-Needs Students collected at James Madison University to study the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to learn how to implement the We the People curriculum into their classrooms. Experienced mentor teachers provided lesson plans to accommodate students of varied academic levels.