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We the People-Frontiers International Project

Frontiers International, Incorporated was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1936 by Nimrod B. Allen. A former Executive Director of the Akron YMCA and a leader in the African community. The organization was incorporated December 24, 1938.

The primary purpose of the organization was to provide an outlet and opportunity for African American males, to collectively give service to their communities through a civic, service leadership organization that did not discriminate against them, as was custom of other organizations at that time.

More than sixty-nine years later, men and women of color are providing community service through this organization, in more than thirty local clubs around the country. The clubs are grouped into seven districts based on geographical proximity. The kinds of service provided to their communities are varied. Some clubs focus most of their attention on mentoring of youth in their cities through Adopt A School. Many clubs emphasize the Martin Luther King Holiday through annual luncheons. The raising of funds for and giving of scholarships to students is a major activity for many clubs. Some work with groups who feed the hungry and clothe those moving from welfare to work.

Its motto is: Advancement Through Service.

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Frontiers International is divided into nine regions throughout the country.  Find out which region your state is in.

Region Managers
Contact Frontiers leadership to find the club closest to you and get involved in this exciting program.

For more information on the We the People-Frontiers International partnership, visit www.fiisd1.ning.com.

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