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Frontiers International, Inc., an African-American service organization, collaborates with the Center for Civic Education to teach the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution curriculum and promote civic education among urban youth throughout the nation. Frontiers International facilitators implement the We the People project on Saturdays during the spring. The project culminates with Frontiers youth participating in simulated congressional hearings in their respective cities and in the We the People-Frontiers International National Finals held in Birmingham, Alabama in July. While in Birmingham, students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the civil rights movement. The project includes free curricular materials, professional development opportunities, and technical assistance to teachers.

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An open letter from Robert O. Walls regarding the We the People-Frontiers International partnership
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Frontiers facilitators participate in professional development trainings designed to help them teach the curriculum outside of the classroom.

Watch an inspiring video from the 2009 Frontiers National Finals in Birmingham and more.

Students from across the nation work with volunteer teachers and facilitators on Saturdays to learn the We the People curriculum in their clubs and compete in simulated congressional hearings.