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Advanced Placement (AP) Government teachers can help prepare their students for the AP exam by involving them in the We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program. Government teachers from throughout the nation recommend We the People.

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Tips for using We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution as AP government curriculum

Two Successful Approaches to Teaching AP Government
We the People teachers Brian Ladd and Heidi Stepp write in the October 2013 edition of Social Education about using We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution with some of their AP government students. Brian and Heidi share their teaching methodology and lesson plans for the We the People course as well as another AP government course. In an update to the Center Brian noted that the pass rate on the AP exam for the We the People students for the past eight years has been 100 per cent, with a median score of 4.7.

Here's what teachers have to say about using We the People in the classroom:

After having taught We the People for the past eleven years and combining the curriculum with AP for the past eight, there is no doubt in my mind that WTP and AP is the perfect merger. Students that participate in the simulated congressional hearings, the cornerstone of the WTP curriculum, demonstrate a passion, interest, and motivation for understanding the importance of the American Constitution and the government it defines. The skills of research, writing, and communication that the WTP curriculum develops are unmatched.…"

—Milton Hyams
Social Studies Department Chair
Incline Village High School
Incline Village, Nevada

Although I understand the importance of AP in our current educational environment, I personally believe that my students walked away from HS with a much richer and deeper understanding of our constitutional system and history because of their participation in the WTP program. More importantly, evidence shows that they are much more likely to be active participants in our political system....i.e...the experience of WTP is transcending beyond a test."

—David Richmond
California State Coordinator
We the People Program

"The new Unit Four contains the whole spectrum of government from the 3 branches, to bureaucracy, to federalism and state and local government.... With the additions to content made here, this text is adequate preparation for the AP exam or any other American government exam. You won’t need another text."

—Deanna Morrison
Colorado District 7 Coordinator
We the People Program
Retired Teacher