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Is A ‘Farce and Tragedy’ Unfolding?


By Reed Anfinson Publisher Swift County Monitor-News Founding Father James Madison said: “A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to farce or tragedy or perhaps both.” We fear the farce and tragedy are unfolding. President Thomas Jefferson also saw a real danger in the general population becoming disengaged from what their leaders were up to and where that could inevitably lead us. “If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies,    Read more >

Allen County Bar Foundation offers adult civics education course starting Oct. 1


Registration is open for the Allen County Bar Foundation’s annual six-week Constitution 101 course, which starts Oct. 1. This non-credit class uses the high school “We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution” textbook as the curriculum. Robert Leming, the Center for Civic Education’s national director of the We The People program, will be the instructor. The non-partisan course includes a lecture and discussion format. Topics to be covered include: •The historical and philosophical foundations of the American political system, •How the framers created the 1787 Constitution, •How and why the Constitution has been    Read more >

School's open. Study meaningfully.


Education must get students to operate in areas with potentially world-changing ideas From what I’ve read, it’s pretty clear that Nelson Mandela chose his words carefully. So when the late South African revolutionary and Nobel Laureate elected to equate education with weaponry, you had to figure he was onto something. “Education,” he said, “is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” America went back to school this month with its need to weaponize education more urgent than ever. In a country that always seems to know more and more about nothing but less and less about something, educators at all levels    Read more >

Acree Participates in Presidential Academy


Val Acree, Yorktown High School basketball coach and U.S. History teacher, was selected to attend the first ever Center for Civic Education’s Presidential Academy at Goucher College in Baltimore    Read more >

A true public education


To fully prepare students for life outside school, a curriculum of citizenship is essential Rebecca Reeder In 1996, I was a fifth grade teacher. I was invited to attend a rigorous summer institute for educators on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. This weeklong workshop used materials created by the Center for Civic Education and was funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. It sounded interesting to me, but a bit daunting and maybe a little stuffy. Thinking to myself, “I can leave if I don't like it; they can't make me stay,” I packed my bags and left for Bloomington to participate in my first We the People    Read more >



Today the Winchester Alumni Association continues its series of articles featuring graduates of the Winchester Schools. The purpose of the series is to inspire current students by highlighting former graduates who have made significant achievements in their personal and professional lives. There is an abundance of evidence that our local school experience has always provided the foundation for many who have gone on to excel professionally. Our graduates featured in these articles reflect great diversity in their professional accomplishments. However, each person has done something extraordinary in their lives. We describe this as the “wow    Read more >

Spearfish High School students, teacher attend national academies


A trio from Spearfish High School returned Saturday after two weeks of time in the nation’s capital attending national workshops on American history and civics. “I think it’s gone extremely well,” said social studies teacher Pat Gainey, who was selected to participated in the Presidential Academy on American History and Civics for teachers, along with seniors Katie O’Shea and Charles Waugh, who participated in the Congressional Academy for students. One teacher and two students from every state are chosen to attend the annual conference at Goucher College in Baltimore for two weeks, July 7-20. All expenses are paid, and participants    Read more >

Upcoming legal chess tournament sparks competition, promotes family connection, helps We the People


In a family friendly competition pitting plaintiffs' attorneys against defense attorneys, two Indianapolis law firms have come together to host a chess tournament to raise funds for civic education. The We the People White Knight Chess Tournament will take place at 2 p.m. Oct. 26, but registration is already open. Hosted by Cohen & Malad and Barnes & Thornburg at the Indianapolis City Market, the fundraising event will allow opposing counsel to compete in a head-to-head chess tournament. Gabe Hawkins of Cohen & Malad said he first came up with the idea for the event after routinely running into lawyers while at his son’s chess tournaments.    Read more >

Sens. Coons, Cornyn introduce legislation to promote civics education


WASHINGTON – In time to commemorate the country’s independence, U.S. Senators Chris Coons (D-Del.) and John Cornyn (R-Tex.) have introduced legislation to reauthorize and modernize an American history and civics grant program under the Higher Education Act. The USA Civics Act would authorize grants to colleges or university-nonprofit partnerships that promote knowledge of American political thought and history, free institutions, democracy, or means of participation in political and civic life. Funds must be used to support centers or programs pursuing that work, teacher preparation initiatives aligned to those topics, and other    Read more >

Marsiglia Institute of Justice accepting applications for a 12-week course on the Constitution


Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and the United Way of Southeast Louisiana are accepting applications for the Fall 2019 class of the Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice. The institute presents a 12-week course on the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and amendments — with the aim of fostering civil discourse while educating citizens about the founding principles of our government. The institute is named in honor of the late Nancy M. Marsiglia, a New Orleans civic and political activist who also was an investor and co-owner of Gambit from 1991-95. The course consists of 12 two-hour sessions on Thursday evenings starting at 6    Read more >

Grant Constitution Team takes third in national competition


Grant High School’s constitution team placed third in the 2019 national competition titled We the People, which promotes knowledge about the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Lincoln High’s team placed fourth in the event that draws teams from around the country to Washington, D.C. Grant’s teams, whose members study for the competition as an extracurricular activity, were the national winners in 2018, 2015 and 2013. Lincoln sent top teams in 2016, 2014, 2012 and three times in the 1990s. Both schools have often placed among the top 10 teams during the 30 years of the event, sponsored by the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Civic    Read more >

Torrington High School teacher wins Civics First award


Text of the article will be posted later    Read more >

Georgetown University Research Team Holds Workshop in San Diego


Dr. Diana Owen, CCT student research assistants Katie Hartzell and Jenny Lee, and Maria Gallo of the Center for Civic Education led a workshop on “Educating High-Need Students for Citizenship” at the Western Political Science Association Annual Conference in San Diego, California, on Thursday, April 18, 2019. The workshop discussed how the James Madison Legacy Project's (JMLP) professional development program empowers teachers to incorporate active learning pedagogies into civics and social studies classrooms and showcased research on the program. The JMLP is a program of the Center for Civic Education that provides professional    Read more >

Gannett Foundation awards ,000 to Nevada nonprofit that teaches civic engagement


A Northern Nevada organization dedicated to teaching students the value of civic engagement has been awarded ,000 from the Gannett Foundation's A Community Thrives grant program. The grant was awarded to the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement. The money will go toward growing the nonprofit's We the People program, which teaches Constitutional law, history and the concepts of the Constitution to fifth-grade, seventh-grade and high school-aged students through interactive curriculum. Roughly 70 elementary schools, 15 middle schools and 45 high schools participate in the We the People program. Marc Picker, co-president of the Nevada Center    Read more >

Fifth-graders field questions at mock congressional hearing


If you’ve caught much C-SPAN in the last couple of years, this is probably a familiar scene: elected officials staring down fidgeting panelists, grilling them on what they know (or don’t know) about current affairs. But there’s no robotic smiling Mark Zuckerberg here. William Barr isn’t defending his presentation of the Mueller report. And, as eminently quotable as 10- and 11-year-olds are, there’s no moment quite as iconic as James Comey’s “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” This is a fifth-grade classroom at Tukes Valley Middle School. Things are much friendlier here. The Battle Ground middle school hosted its annual We the    Read more >



HON. DIANA DeGETTE of colorado in the house of representatives Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Ms. DeGETTE. Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Denver East High School on its first-place finish in the 2019 national finals of the `We the People' competition sponsored by the Center for Civic Education. The students and teachers of the Denver East High School team should feel exceptionally proud of this outstanding achievement. After winning the Colorado statewide `We the People' competition, Denver East High School traveled here to Washington, D.C. where    Read more >

Monomoy teams win civics project awards


CHATHAM — Four teams of Monomoy Regional High School students won awards for civics projects, from banning straws to advocating for shark safety measures, at the Project Citizen showcase May 31 in Boston. Silver E-block’s presentation advocating for shark detection buoys and trauma training won the environmental project award, and Blue G-block’s presentation on banning plastic straws — which successfully argued for articles at the Chatham and Harwich town meetings — won the best hearing award. Silver B-block won best portfolio award for a presentation on plastic pollution in the ocean. Blue E-block was awarded the humanitarian    Read more >

Monomoy Civics Students Earn Honors at Project Citizen Showcase


Monomoy Regional High School sent four teams of 8th-grade students to compete at the Project Citizen state showcase on May 31, 2019. The projects were completed as part of the 8th grade civics curriculum. Each of the eight civics classes at MRHS completed a project and presented it before judges and peers in school during the week of May 13-17. Two groups each from the Blue and Silver teams were chosen to participate in the state showcase in Boston. At the state showcase, all four teams won awards. Silver E-block's presentation on Shark Safety (advocating for detection buoys and trauma training) won the Environmental Project award. Blue    Read more >

Easthampton grads advised, ‘Get up and do something’


To the 119 Easthampton High School graduates receiving their diplomas on Friday evening, class of 2019 valedictorian Shane Gravel shared some parting advice for his fellow classmates. “Don’t follow your dreams,” Gravel said, striking a practical yet humorous note. “If you are dreaming, you are probably sleeping, and if you are sleeping, you are probably not doing anything that’s getting you closer to achieving your goals … Rather, get up and do something – whether it’s simply making an action plan or doing something small, everything counts.” Graduates marched in front of the school clad in maroon caps and gowns, with    Read more >

Raatz serves as honorary judge for ‘We The People’ teams


State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond, seated center) serves as an honorary judge for Fishers High School’s “We The People” team at the Statehouse Thursday, May 30. “We The People” is a citizen and constitution program dedicated to educating students on the U.S. Constitution. Raatz and other state legislators served as honorary judges as the teams demonstrated a mock competition    Read more >

Trumbull 'We the People' Honored


From the Connecticut House Republicans: From the On the floor of the House of Representatives, State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123), Laura Devlin (R-134) and Ben McGorty (R-122) recognized the 'We the People' team from Trumbull High School for winning the State Championship on December 17th, 2018. This was Trumbull's 8th consecutive win and 24th overall since the program started in 1987. On April 26th – April 30th, the 'We the People' team won the Northeast Regional Award at Nationals and placed 12th in the country at the national competition in the National Conference Center in Leesburg Virginia. The Trumbull Delegation presented each team    Read more >

Project Citizen To Make A Difference


Two groups of sixth-graders from the Northport-East Northport School District presented their civic education projects for the Project Citizens Showcase at the NYC Bar Association in Manhattan on May 24. Presenting students Isabella Bica, Kailey Ciszek and Samantha Yolango from Northport Middle School and Anjolina Buttacoli, Lily Eagan and Kate Karp from East Northport Middle School completed this project within the district's Investigate program, which is a challenging enrichment program that emphasizes higher level thinking skills, problem solving activities and cooperative learning techniques. For this semester-long project, students were    Read more >

Teach History's Tough Lessons


"In this period, the head and body of Monsieur Foulon are introduced in triumph, the head on a pike, the body dragged naked on the earth," reads the diary of Gouverneur Morris, later the U.S. minister to France, after witnessing mob violence in 1789 Paris. "[T]his horrible exhibition is carried through the different streets Gracious God! What a people!" May marks the French Revolution's 230th anniversary. It began with optimistic Age of Enlightenment slogans about “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,” before quickly degenerating into the darkened recesses of human nature. Tens of thousands of public beheadings and Maximilien Robespierre's    Read more >

Tyler Consolidated We the People student earns Kelly Memorial Scholarship


The recipient of the annual Adam R. Kelly Memorial Scholarship Award has been announced. Tyler Consolidated High School senior Emily Lancaster, daughter of Chandra and Jeff Lancaster of Middlebourne, plans to attend West Liberty University in the fall to pursue a degree in criminal justice. She plans to join the Marine Reserves her sophomore year and hopes to work in law enforcement after earning her degree. The 0 scholarship is annually given to a graduating senior from Tyler Consolidated in honor of the late Country Editor columnist Adam R. Kelly, who died in 1990 at the age of 65. The scholarship was established in June 1990. The    Read more >

Illinois General Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Civic Education In Middle Schools Heads To The Governor For Signature


The Illinois State Senate approved House Bill (HB)-2265 – legislation requiring all Illinois middle schools serving grades 6th, 7th, and 8th to provide a civics class – with strong bi-partisan support. The bill previously passed the House, and now goes to Governor Pritzker for his signature. Representative Camille Lilly (D-78th District) and Senator Jacqueline Collins (D-16th District) championed the legislation in their respective chambers. "This is truly an exciting time for civics and civic education in the state of Illinois," says Representative Camille Lilly (D-78th District) and legislation sponsor. "The objective for this bill is    Read more >

COMMUNITY VOICES: What does government really do for us? Through Project Citizen, students demonstrate


My opening activity for senior government classes has always been an attitudinal survey. I want to know what they think about government. Working in small groups, I ask students to make a list of every example of government in their lives. Then, I ask them to label these interactions with positive and negative signs. The results are always papers filled with negatives. To my dismay students show little understanding of the “social contract,” the relationship between government and citizens; instead, their attitudes were much more akin to the man who, during the ACA debates, yelled out “keep government out of my Medicare!” What about    Read more >

Cheyenne fifth-graders talk civics at “We the People”


In October 1969, 14 African American football players were dismissed from the University of Wyoming football team for asking for permission to protest racism. The players, who came to be known as “The Black 14,” wanted to wear black armbands during a game with Brigham Young University to protest a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ policy barring African Americans from the priesthood. BYU is operated by the LDS Church. The decision of then-coach Lloyd Eaton, supported by the university’s board of trustees, led to a lengthy court case, Williams v. Eaton, that pitted free speech against separation of church and state. All    Read more >

8th grader paid off more than half of school district's K school lunch debt


The Austin Independent School District just got more than half of their school lunch debt paid, and it's all thanks to the effort of an Austin eighth-grader. On Thursday, Ben Hofer presented a check to AISD for ,000 in funds raised through a Go Fund Me he created in January. "I always thought lunch was something you just did every single day and you got it no matter what because you paid for lunch at the beginning of the year," Hofer explained, adding that this is how he knows it works at his school, St. Andrews Episcopal. "Then I realized some kids at some public schools get lunch some days and not other days." Though AISD still    Read more >

SHS students selected to attend Congressional Academy


Stevensville High School will have three representatives attend The Presidential Academy for American History and Civics and companion experience The Congressional Academy for American History and Civics in Maryland, July 7-20. Juniors Anya Murphy and Alexsandra Morawic along with civics educator Wes Wells and have been selected to attend the two week program at Goucher College Campus in Baltimore, Maryland, where teachers and students will work together to learn about civics, history, the constitution and produce activities for their schools. “It is a collaborative model for teachers and students to work together, deepening their knowledge    Read more >

Margaret Branson


Margaret Branson died May 15, 2019, in Casper, Wyoming in her home surrounded by family, at the age of 96. Margaret was born August 7, 1922, to George and Dora Schram Stimmann, in Modesto, California. Margaret grew up in Modesto with her older brother and three sisters. In high school, she participated in the debate club, an activity that she continued after graduation while attending College of the Pacific (COP). While attending COP, she met Rodney Branson who she later married. Over her lifetime, Margaret earned a Bachelor’s Degree, two Master’s Degree and her Ed.D. Margaret spent her entire professional career as an educator. She was    Read more >

Boonsboro Middle eighth-grader to represent county at national spelling bee


Yifan Zhang always considered himself an avid reader, but not a particularly good speller — at least not until he won the seventh-grade county spelling bee last year. “I kind of consider myself what I would call an ‘accidental speller,’” the Boonsboro Middle School eighth-grader said. “Since a very young age, I’ve had this habit of taking note of the sort of vocabulary that’s used in the literature that I read, which increasingly gets more difficult. So I feel like my ability to spell has progressed with my age.” In February, Yifan, 14, earned the title of Washington County’s top eighth-grade speller after beating 17    Read more >



HON. ERIC SWALWELL of California in the House of Representatives Friday, May 10, 2019 Mr. SWALWELL of California. Madam Speaker, I rise to recognize the students of Amador Valley High School (AVHS) in my congressional district, who competed in the national We the People competition held right here in Washington, D.C. I am proud to report that its We the People competition team took second place out of 56 participating groups. The We the People competition is held annually. Teams come to Washington, D.C. to compete in mock congressional hearings that test the high school students' knowledge of U.S.    Read more >

For the Seventh Straight Year


For the seventh straight year, the Hutchinson High School “We the People ... The Citizen and the Constitution” team made it to nationals in Washington, D.C. The competition is a rigorous academic program, which requires analytical skills and the application of constitutional principles and history to contemporary situations through mock Congressional hearings. Hutchinson’s team of 25 students was among 1,200 students competing from 48 states and the District of Columbia    Read more >

Share May 7, 2019 Miami Lakes Middle School students win national competition in Washington, D.C.


In both a video story and a written one, Channel 7 in Miami reported: A group of South Florida students returned home as national champions after they won a competition in Washington, D.C. The young scholars from Miami Lakes Middle School are now national first place winners after they won the We the People National Invitational, Monday. “They have to know Supreme Court cases, they have to know documents, they have to know current events and how they relate to the Constitution, so there’s a lot of law that they must be aware of,” said teacher Lisa Deyarza. This is not the team’s first win, as they have won multiple competitions    Read more >

We the Young People


Frisco ISD -TV produced a segment showcasing We the People/JMLP hearings    Read more >

We the People team wins ninth in nation


Tahoma High School’s storied We the People program this week added another top 10 finish to their belt, bringing home ninth place in the nation from the capitol. “Tahoma’s We the People Constitutional Warriors did a fantastic job of representing Washington state at We the People Nationals in Washington, D.C. Their performance was absolutely outstanding, as they connected the founding principles of our democracy to current events,” adviser Gretchen Wulfing said. “These students articulated their answers to very aggressive, challenging questions with brilliance and heart. Their passion for our founding documents is inspiring. Under    Read more >

Douglas Freeman High School students finish sixth in national competition


ABC 8 News reported that students at Douglas Freeman High School placed sixth at the national "We The People" competition in Washington, D.C. The "We The People" program focuses on American history, the United States Constitution and the American legal system. At the national finals, the 24 seniors competed as a wild card team in three days of simulated congressional hearings. The students ultimately advanced into the top ten and later finished sixth    Read more >

Boonsboro Middle tops 'We The People' district competition


Although they are several years away from voting age, E. Russell Hicks Middle School eighth-graders Eva Jovel, Lakin Wright, Ethan VanMeter and Lydia McFarland know their rights. “We need to know what rights are being protected and have informed opinions,” Eva said. As part of their school’s “We The People” team, the students studied the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and other documents to get a handle on how and why the United States’ government was designed the way it was. They competed against teams from four other Washington County Public Schools Wednesday for the district middle school title, coming in    Read more >

Amador Valley finishes second in nation at We the People finals


Amador Valley High School is celebrating another strong performance at the We the People civics competition national finals in Washington, D.C. The highly decorated Dons team placed second nationwide for 2019 last weekend after sweeping the state championship in February. The Foothill High School team, which finished second at state, also qualified for nationals but was eliminated in an earlier round in D.C. "This team did such a terrific job in an incredibly competitive year," Amador coach Stacey Sklar said. "I am very proud of their hard work." Amador interim principal Nimarta Grewal echoed Sklar's remarks. "The entire Amador community    Read more >

Team from Denver’s East High School wins national We the People civics competition


A team from Denver’s East High School took first place this week in the nationwide We the People civics competition in Washington, D.C. The competition started April 26 and ended Monday. Students “testified” in a mock congressional hearing and answered judges’ questions about their knowledge of the Constitution, such as how the Founding Fathers limited majority rule and how the Supreme Court arrived at the idea of a right to privacy. Teams had to win at the state level to advance, though some states, including Colorado, sent a second team that qualified for a wild-card spot. The competition is sponsored by the Center for Civic    Read more >

Black River finishes top 10 in national civics competition


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In its second year of competing in the We the People civic competition, Black River Public School placed tenth out of 56 teams at the national finals in Washington, D.C. Black River High School students took second in the statewide competition on Jan. 11 and raised money to travel to the national contest April 26-30 at the nation’s capital. We the People is a national civics competition run by the nonprofit Center for Civic Education. At We the People competitions, students give speeches on constitutional issues to a panel of judges and are scored on their ability to answer follow-up questions. Students are prompted    Read more >

Eighth-grader’s project takes bite out of Austin school lunch debt


A 14-year-old Austin student is raising money to wipe out lunch debt in Austin district schools. Ben Hofer, an eighth grader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, decided to tackle the lunch debt for three Austin district campuses for a school service project, Project Citizen. The original goal for his semester-long “LunchCounts!“project was to raise ,200 to pay off the lunch debts at Akins High, Parades Middle School and Blazier Elementary, because the campuses had among the highest balances in the Austin district. But Ben exceeded the amount and now is trying to reach ,000 to help pay off the debts at more schools. “I can see how    Read more >

Ten High Schools Advance To Championship Round Of National Competition On Constitution And Bill Of Rights


WASHINGTON, April 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Schools from California, Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, Virginia and Washington are advancing to the championship round of the 2019 We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution National Finals Monday, April 29. Ten classes will vie for first place in the academic competition, where students demonstrate their constitutional knowledge during simulated congressional hearings. The championship round will take place in congressional hearing rooms on Capitol Hill. The competition schedule is provided below. Nearly 1,300 high school students from 44 states have gathered in Washington, D.C., to    Read more >



HON. RICHARD E. NEAL of massachusetts in the house of representatives Tuesday, April 9, 2019 Mr. NEAL. Madam Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the students and advisors of Easthampton High School's `We The People' team for their hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievement. These individuals prevailed over a number of highly skilled competitors to earn first-place honors in the Massachusetts `We The People' academic contest for the second year in a row. They have accordingly earned    Read more >

Monomoy Students Pitch Ban On Flavored Tobacco Products


Voters will be asked in the annual town meeting to approve a petitioned article to amend a board of health regulation to restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products. The initiative is the work of Monomoy Regional High School students involved in Project Citizen. Project Citizen is part of the eighth grade civic curriculum in which identify social problems and propose means to address them. A couple of weeks ago Project Citizen students Declan Russell, Courteney Dery and Alexa Long stood before selectmen asking the board to endorse another petitioned article seeking to ban single-use plastic straws in town to reduce the amount of plastic    Read more >



Glacier High School government students are headed to Washington, D.C. to share their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and the government at the We the People National Finals following a first-place finish at the state level. The 2019 state championship team includes Kamren Barkus, Marcus DeVries, Kyla Harris, Brooklyn Lamers, Andrew Lorenc, AJ Popp, Benjamin Schwaller, Donnie Simms, Logan Stencel, Lauren Stratton, Alexander White and Alyeska Zuckert. They will be among more than 1,200 students from around the U.S. competing at finals. The competition simulates a congressional hearing where students “testify as    Read more >

Congressperson Schrier Congratulates Tahoma High School


In this video clip Congressperson Kim Schrier congratulates a class from Tahoma High School and teacher Gretchen Wulfing for their excellence in the We the People competition, having won the Washington State Competition    Read more >

Highland Park students consider how refugees survive, thrive


Sixth graders at Edgewood Middle School studied what it was like to be a refugee, a topic of particular resonance this year because many of them were displaced after Elm Place Middle School was closed. They read “Refugee” by Alan Gratz, which tells the stories of three young people uprooted from unsafe environments: A Jewish boy in 1930s Nazi Germany; a Cuban girl in 1994 and a Syrian boy in 2015. They thought about the fears and anxieties when entering an environment with a different culture and language — or where simply fitting in may be difficult. On April 5, the students presented their research, insights and suggestions to a guest    Read more >

New bill aims to fund education programs in civics, law, and history


All eyes have been on the 2019 Nevada legislature and one of the hottest topics this session is education. Specifically, funding for programs that focus on civics, law, and history. Ads by ZEDO Back in February, Senate Bill 193 was first introduced to the Senate finance committee, which then held a hearing back in March. The committee received over twenty written testimonies from students, community members and teachers, in favor of the bill. S.B. 193 plans to allocate over 5,000 in funds to the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement. This will give funds to elementary, middle, and high school programs like We the People: The Citizen and    Read more >

Community First Award presented to We the People teacher


The Greater Maple valley Community Center hosted 145 guests at its annual Benefit Breakfast on March 21st, where Tahoma High School teacher Gretchen Wulfing and Johnsons Home & Garden were recognized for their outstanding contributions to our community. Gretchen Wulfing has made a major impact on both the national and local levels. She wrote the community, domestic service policy for president George HW Bush. In addition, she rode in ambulances in New York at 2:00 AM helping get kids off the street, and met with chief executives to raise funds for the 1000 points of Light foundation, which she helped lead for President Bush. Locally she    Read more >

West Jordan Middle Wins First In We The People Competition


Civically active and knowledgeable West Jordan Middle School eighth-graders proved they are experts on the United States Constitution when they won First Place at the State “We the People” competition this February. “It’s not cliche when we say they know more [about the Constitution] than most of the general public,” said social studies teacher William Shields, who coached the 26 WJMS students who competed. Eighth-graders spent three months researching, learning, digesting and mastering material related to the Constitution, said Shields. Six teams were chosen to compete in state, each tackling a different topic. Each team member    Read more >

St. Charles civics team heads to finals


St. Charles High School will represent Maryland in the national We the People competition next month. The 17-member team will join the more than 1,200 students from 56 high schools around the country during the four-day competition held April 26-29 at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Va. St. Charles social studies teachers Michael Colatruglio and Hayley Ressler coach the team made up of sophomores, juniors and seniors. Both teachers have attended summer trainings through the James Madison Legacy Project, sponsored by the Center for Civic Education where they learned how to implement the We the People curriculum into their    Read more >

Vote at 16? Seriously?


Everyone (especially Democrats) knows that most young people are hopeful and idealistic, but have very little in the way of experience and life skills that might make them better citizens. Of course, there are some exceptions, like the students of Natalie O’Brien’s freshman We the People course in North Smithfield, who learn civics on steroids. Personally, I’d let any of her students vote. At least they understand the process, and better than most adults, frankly. Many kids, however, may be clueless beyond social media rants, comic memes, and disinformation. Civics education is gone from most schools    Read more >

‘We the People’ fundraiser at Sidewinders Tuesday


JACKSON HOLE, WYO — The Jackson Hole High School We the People (BRONC LAW) team is partnering with Sidewinders Restaurant to raise funds for their trip to Washington, DC this April 26-30. You can help and you may not have to alter your routine one bit    Read more >



HON. DUSTY JOHNSON of south dakota in the house of representatives Wednesday, March 13, 2019 Mr. JOHNSON of South Dakota. Madam Speaker, it will be the 20th time Spearfish High School will represent South Dakota at the national ``We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution'' competition this spring. The team won the state competition Thursday at Black Hills State University. ``It's commendable that you guys do this . . . . I think this will be a memorable experience for you,'' Wes Brown, of the Vantage Institute, a    Read more >

Reno students fundraising to compete in Washington D.C.


Reno High School’s “We the People” team has spent hundreds of hours over the course of the school year studying and competing, and it’s all paying off. “Our students won the district competition in December, won the state competition in February, and now is going to Washington D.C. to represent the state of Nevada in the national finals,” says team advisor Richard Clark. Clark says “We the People” is a class that was created by congress in 1987 to provide more civic education in schools. Something Clark adds is important to teach the youth so they don’t fall into the hyper-partisan ways of today’s society. “This    Read more >

Class inspires Boonsboro High senior to 'take action'


Casey Mazzone of Hagerstown applied to colleges with strong biology programs. A course she is taking at Boonsboro High School caused the senior to have a change of heart and major. A student in the “Taking Informed Action” course with teacher Ashley Vascik this school year, 17-year-old Casey has discovered a passion for government. Now, her intended majors in college are political science and homeland security, which she will most likely study at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C. Vascik’s course includes preparation for the “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution” competition. Both of Casey’s older sisters    Read more >

Sky View/Green Canyon prepping for We The People nat'l competition


It’s 7:15 on a Friday morning, and laughter can be heard coming from an upstairs classroom at Green Canyon High School as members of the Sky View/Green Canyon combined We The People team study and collaborate together. The team was named Utah’s We The People State Champions on Feb. 14 and has the opportunity to compete at the national level in Washington, D.C., at the end of April. “We ask them to come at 7 or 6:45 two days a week, and then they get to choose another day,” Sky View/Green Canyon We The People coach Andrea Thompson said. “A lot of them are here every single day.” × Students work in units where they broaden and    Read more >

Laurel High School students to travel to the We The People competition


Laurel High School’s We The People class has been invited to compete at the National Finals as a Wild Card after placing 2nd and 3rd at the State competition in Helena in January. The We The People competition is held to judge student’s knowledge of the philosophy, history and application of the US Constitution. Eleven students will be traveling to Washington, DC this April 26th through April 30th to compete against schools from all over the United States. Every year the sponsoring group, the Center for Civic Education, holds places in the National Competition for deserving schools    Read more >

We the People class headed to nationals


It’s been a staple of North Smithfield High School education since 2002, and this April, the students of Natalie O’Brien’s freshman We the People course will head to the national finals for the 13th year running. The class is an honors version of the freshman American Government course, fulfilling a school requirement for civics education. But it’s also a national competition, one that North Smithfield has excelled at on the state level since 2007. Students spend the first half of the year covering a typical civics curriculum, learning about the history of United States government and its implementation today. Beginning in December,    Read more >

‘From students in high school all the way to the president’s desk.’ How a government class fought for the release of unsolved FBI civil rights case files.


There are family members who still want to know why Willie Edwards, a 24-year-old husband and father, was abducted and beaten by members of the Ku Klux Klan in 1957, then forced to leap to his death from a bridge over the Alabama River near Montgomery, Ala. There are still friends of Louis Allen, a farmer and father of four in Liberty, Miss., who want to know why he was shot to death on his own property in 1964, possibly by the county sheriff. The deaths are just two of 128 lynchings of black Southerners in the decades after World War II that have been investigated by the Justice Department. But its civil rights division, and a unit formed    Read more >

Civics Education Bills Are on Legislative Agendas in Seven States


While most states require students to study civics in some sort of capacity, just eight mandate a yearlong civics or government class as a graduation requirement, according to a 2018 50-state survey by Education Week. But that number may soon grow as a flurry of civics education bills inch through state legislatures this year and other states move to expand or implement civic education requirements already in place. Education Week's survey last year found three states—Washington, Nevada and Pennsylvania—that are already on board to begin expanding their civics requirements as soon as this year. Seven other states are set to consider    Read more >

Senate honors Tahoma High’s ‘We the People’ team


The Washington State Senate today honored Tahoma High School’s “We the People” team with a resolution sponsored by Sen. Mark Mullet (D-Issaquah) and Sen. Mona Das (D-Kent) in recognition of the school’s 23rd state championship. “Every year, I’m impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of the Tahoma High team and its coach, and their record of excellence,” Mullet said. “It’s great to see students excel in a program that increases civic participation and strengthens democracy. The critical-thinking skills this program develops will serve them well in their academic career and in life.” “This is an amazing accomplishment    Read more >

We the People New Jersey State Coordinator Promotes Additional Civics in the Curriculum


To read the article please use the link to the URL    Read more >

Students lobby for law limiting use of straws and plastic bags in Newark


When freshman Leah Williams takes the bus to Newark Charter School each morning, she passes a plot of grass that is littered with plastic bags. “I know that possibly being able to reduce that number, even completely reduce it later on, that would be great, and I’d feel a lot better,” she said. Williams is one of several students at the high school who have been fighting for change in Newark – and, more broadly, the state of Delaware – by lobbying city and state officials to limit the use of single-use plastic straws and bags. They recently earned the support of the city’s Conservation Advisory Commission, and city council could    Read more >



State lawmakers are considering requiring more civics lessons in New Jersey classrooms, though a proposal to make it a high school graduation requirement met resistance at its first hearing. New Jersey high schools teach civics as part of U.S. government courses but not as a standalone course. That could change if a bill endorsed Thursday by the Assembly Education Committee, A1095, becomes law. New Jersey requires two years of U.S. history and one year of world history in high school, and civics is required to be integrated into the courses. Arlene Gardner, executive director of the New Jersey Center for Civic Education, said a survey shows    Read more >

MRHS and ‘We the People’


Twenty-two Monomoy Regional High School government students recently traveled to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate in Boston to participate in the state “We the People” speech competition. Student speeches were judged by volunteers from the fields of law, history, politics, education, journalism, government and non-profit organizations. Students presented 12 speeches in groups to panels of judges, and answered questions about the Constitution, civics, government and current events. The following students each won a unit award for their presentations: Hannah Mitchell, Robbie Sieger, Molly McKenna and Caroline Davock.    Read more >

‘We The People’ Westfield Students Take Part In Albany Competition


Despite being one of the smallest schools, to take part in the annual statewide “We the People” competition in Albany, Westfield Academy and Central School students not only became better acquainted with the U.S. Constitution, but received an award for their efforts. The WACS team, which was the only group from Western New York, place seventh out of nine schools and received a Unit 5 Presentation Award at the New York State competition on Jan. 12. The team from Half Hollow Hills won its second consecutive New York State Championship and will represent the state at the National Finals in Washington, D.C. WACS students, under the    Read more >

Vestavia Hills High School We the People Wins Big at State Championship


The We the People team at Vestavia Hills High School recently won first place in a state championship at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law. Teams were tested on their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, giving presentations and answering questions from judges to showcase their depth of understanding of their presented topic. This is the second consecutive state title the team has earned, and it puts the team on track to compete at the national competition to be held later in the spring. Team members included Sam Swinson, Abby Ronson, Julia Holmes, Julia Stewart, Ellis Zhang, Walter Zhang, Boris Lu,    Read more >

Half Hollow Hills High School East wins 'We the People'


A 15-student team from Half Hollow Hills High School East in Dix Hills was named state champion in a competition that tests student knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. The competition, “We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution,” challenged teens to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of constitutional principles. They also defended positions on relevant historical and contemporary issues by participating in simulated congressional hearings and “testifying” before a panel of judges acting as members of Congress. This is the second consecutive year that a Half Hollow Hills East team has won the state title, school    Read more >