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Wednesday, May 23
Daily civics quiz

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Which Supreme Court case is about the Pentagon Papers?

a. New York Times v. Sullivan
b. Brown v. Board of Education
c. New York Times Co. v. United States
d. Roe v. Wade

About the Podcast: 60-Second Civics is a daily podcast that provides a quick and convenient way for listeners to learn about our nation’s government, the Constitution, and our history. The podcast explores themes related to civics and government, the constitutional issues behind the headlines, and the people and ideas that formed our nation’s history and government.

60-Second Civics is produced by the Center for Civic Education. The show's content is primarily derived from the Center’s education for democracy curricula, including We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution, Foundations of Democracy, and Elements of Democracy.

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60-Second Civics: Episode 3258, Prior Restraint
Learn about prior restraint.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3257, New York Times v. Sullivan
Learn about New York Times v. Sullivan.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3256, The Alien and Sedition Acts
Learn about the Alien and Sedition Acts.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3255, Libel vs. Slander
Learn about libel and slander.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3254, The Zenger Case
Learn about the First Amendment.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3253, Freedom of the Press, an Introduction
Learn about the First Amendment.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3252, A Just and a Lasting Peace
Learn about Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3251, Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Learn about the Gettysburg Address.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3250, Abraham Lincoln and America's Founding Principles
Learn about Lincoln's political sentiments.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3249, The Thirteenth Amendment
Learn about the thirteenth amendment.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3246, Lincoln Takes Strong Action against the Rebellion
Learn about President Lincoln and the writ of habeas corpus.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3245, Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus During the Civil War
Chief Justice Roger B. Taney rules against Abraham Lincoln's aggressive use of war powers.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3244, The Prize Cases
The Prize Cases posed a constitutional test of Abraham Lincoln's use of war powers during an emergency.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3243, Congress Approves Lincoln's Actions
Critics opposed Abraham Lincoln of trampling on the Constitution, but he thought his actions were needed to save both the Union and the Constitution.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3242, Lincoln Takes Immediate Action Against the Confederacy
Abraham Lincoln acted swiftly when the Civil War began, but some people thought he had gone too far.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3241, The Civil War Begins
Abraham Lincoln faced a tough first year in office: secession and war plagued the nation.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3240, Abraham Lincoln Elected President
Lincoln lost his campaign for the Senate, but won the presidency two years later.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3239, Abraham Lincoln Opposes the Kansas-Nebraska Act
The Kansas-Nebraska Act brought Abraham Lincoln back into politics and pushed the country closer to civil war.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3238, Abraham Lincoln Begins His Political Career
Despite having less than one year of formal education, Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer and launched his political career.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3237, Abraham Lincoln's Early Life
Today we kick off a brief series on Abraham Lincoln.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3236, The Legacy of George Mason
On today's podcast, we learn about the legacy of George Mason, America's forgotten founder.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3235, Virginia Ratifies the Constitution
Despite George Mason's objections, Virginia ratified the Constitution.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3234, George Mason at the Virginia Ratification Convention
George Mason made one fateful error at the Virginia Ratification Convention.
60-Second Civics: Episode 3233, George Mason Refuses to Sign the Constitution
Why didn't the Founders add a Bill of Rights to the Constitution at first?
60-Second Civics: Episode 3232, George Mason Proposes the Bill of Rights
On today's podcast, George Mason opens Pandora's Box during the final days of the Philadelphia Convention.