2013 National Showcase Print
Want help solving a community problem? Look to Project Citizen students for guidance and leadership! The 2013 Project Citizen National Showcase displayed the know-how of students to solve their own local problems through civic engagement. Project topics included bullying in schools, texting while driving, and arts education funding.

The event was sponsored by the Center for Civic Education with generous donations from Trader Joe's of Woodland Hills, Cavaretta's Italian Deli of Canoga Park, and Starbucks Coffee and Ralph's of Calabasas Commons. Los Angeles-area community leaders, educators, and policy experts evaluated the country’s top student portfolios addressing public policy issues in their schools and communities.

The Center announced achievement levels for the national showcase on Tuesday, July 23, 2013.


Florida Rhode Island (Rhodes Elementary) Wisconsin*


Alaska Minnesota Pennsylvania
Arizona New Jersey* Washington (Ogden Elementary)
Colorado Oregon


Honorable Mention

California Louisiana
Rhode Island (Risk Elementary)*
Washington (Nautilus)

Each portfolio was evaluated four times. Achievement level results are based on the average score of the four rounds of portfolio evaluation during the national showcase.

*Electronic Portfolio 

Special Recognition to all the Project Citizen teachers and students in the nation for their work on Project Citizen during the 2012-2013 school year. 

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