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Welcome to the Second Annual We the People National Invitational!
On behalf of the Center for Civic Education, congratulations to each and every one of you for
your scholarship, determination, and teamwork. We hope your experience in Washington, D.C.
is one remembered throughout your entire life. 

Good luck to you and your classmates!


Robert S. Leming, Director                                                     
We the People Programs
Center for Civic Education

 Middle School Classes
Miami Lakes_MS                    
Brown County Junior High School, Indiana

Teacher: Michael Potts

Challenger Middle School, Arizona
Teacher: Norma Jean Higuera-Trask

Gahanna Middle School South, Ohio
Teacher: Michael Browning

Inza R Wood Middle School, Oregon
Teacher: Linda Koller

Robert O. Gibson Middle School, Nevada
Teacher: Carol McGrew

Rachel Carson Middle School, Virginia
Teacher: Cynthia Burgett

 High School Classes
high school_IL

Floyd Central High School, Indiana
Teacher: Susan Moss

Hillsboro High School, Tennessee
Teacher: Seth Swihart

North Smithfield High School, Rhode Island
Teacher: Natalie O'Brien