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We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution
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February 12  1809 Abraham Lincoln born at Sinking Spring Farm, near Hogdenville in Hardin County, Kentucky.
April-July 1832 Serves in the Black Hawk War
August 6   Defeated in an election for the Illinois State Legislature
May 7 1833 Appointed postmaster of New Salem, Illinois
  1834 Starts his study of law
August 4   Elected to the Illinois state legislature
August 1 1836 Reelected to his second term in the Illinois state legislature
August 6 1838 Reelected to his third term in the Illinois state legislature
August 3 1840 Reelected to his fourth and final term in the Illinois state legislature
November 4 1842 Marries Mary Todd
August 1 1843 First son Robert Todd Lincoln is born
November 1844 James K. Polk elected eleventh president of the United States
March 10 1846 Second son Edward (Eddie) Baker Lincoln is born
August 3   Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for the Seventh Congressional District of Illinois
November 1848 Zachary Taylor elected twelfth president of the United States
February 21 1850 Second son Eddie dies
July   Millard Fillmore becomes thirteenth president of the United States after Taylor's death on July 9
December 21   Third son William (Willie) Wallace Lincoln is born
November 1852 Franklin Pierce elected fourteenth president of the United States
April 4 1853 Fourth son Thomas (Tad) Lincoln is born
May 30 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act becomes law
November 7   Elected to Illinois state legislature, but declines seat in order to run for U.S. Senate
November 1856 James Buchanan elected fifteenth president of the United States
August 21-October 15 1858 Seven Lincoln-Douglas debates are held in Illinois
November 2   Lincoln loses to Douglas in election for U.S. Senate
October 16 1859 John Brown attacks Harpers Ferry
February 27 1860 Delivers Cooper Union address
May 18   Wins Republican presidential nomination
November 6   Elected sixteenth president of the United States
December 20   South Carolina secedes from the Union
January 9 1861 Mississippi secedes from the Union
January 10   Florida secedes from the Union
January 11   Alabama secedes from the Union
January 26   Louisiana secedes from the Union
February 1   Texas secedes from the Union
March 4   Inaugurated as president; delivers First Inaugural Address
April 12   Fort Sumter attacked by Confederates
April 17    Virginia secedes from the Union
April 19   Orders blockade of the Confederacy
April 27   Suspends habeas corpus along the route between Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia
May 6   Arkansas secedes from the Union
May 7   Tennessee secedes from the Union
May 20   North Carolina secedes from the Union
May 25   John Merryman arrested in Cockeysville, Maryland
May 28   Chief Justice Roger B. Taney delivers decision in Ex parte Merryman
July 4   Delivers "Message to Congress" speech
July 21   Confederates defeat Union forces at First Battle of Bull Run
August 6   First Confiscation Act becomes law
November 1   Promotes General George McClellan to general-in-chief of army
February 20 1862 Son Willie dies
March 11   Removes McClellan from command of the army
April 6-7   Union defeats Confederate forces at Battle of Shiloh
April 16   Emancipates slaves in District of Columbia
April 25   Union forces capture New Orleans
May 31-June 1   Union forces fend off Confederate attack at Battle of Seven Pines
June 25-July 1   Confederates force Union retreat in Seven Days' Battle
July 17   Second Confiscation Act, Militia Act become law
July 22   Reads Emancipation Proclamation to cabinet
July 23   Promotes Henry W. Halleck to general-in-chief of the army
August 28-30   Confederates defeat Union forces at Second Battle of Bull Run
September 17   Union forces defeat Confederates at Antietam
September 22   Announces Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation
September 24   Issues proclamation suspending writ of habeas corpus "throughout the United States"
December 13   Confederates defeat Union forces at Battle of Fredericksburg
January 1 1863 Issues Emancipation Proclamation
May 1-4   Confederates defeat Union forces at Battle of Chancellorsville
May 19   Orders banishment of Clement Vallandigham to Confederacy
July 1-3   Union forces defeat Confederates at Battle of Gettysburg
July 4   Union forces Confederate surrender at Vicksburg
July 13-17   Draft riots in New York City
September 19-20   Confederates defeat Union forces at Battle of Chickamauga
November 19   Delivers Gettysburg Address
December 8   Announces Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction Message to Congress
March 9-10 1864 Promotes Ulysses S. Grant to lieutenant general and appoints him general-in-chief
May 5-21   Union and Confederate forces take heavy casualties during inconclusive Battle of the Wilderness and Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
June 7-8   Renominated for presidency at Baltimore Convention
July 4   Defends his reconstruction policy by refusing to sign the Wade-Davis Bill
August 5   Union forces defeat Confederates in the Battle of Mobile Bay
September 2   City of Atlanta surrenders to Union forces
November 8   Wins reelection to presidency
November 15-16   Union forces defeat Confederates in Battle of Nashville
January 31 1865 Congress passes Thirteenth Amendment
February 3   Attends unsuccessful Hampton Roads Peace Conference
March 4   Inaugurated as president; delivers Second Inaugural Address
April 2   Confederates evacuate Richmond, capital of the Confederacy
April 9   Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House, Virginia
April 11   Delivers last public speech, in Washington, D.C.
April 14   Shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.; Lewis Powell attacks Secretary of State William H. Seward
April 15   Lincoln dies of injuries at 7:22 a.m.
April 26   Booth dies after having been shot and captured at a farm in Virginia
May 4   Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois
July 7   Assassination co-conspirators George Atzerodt, David Herold, Lewis Powell, and Mary Surratt hanged
December 6   Thirteenth Amendment ratified