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Richard Dobbs Spaight

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Richard Dobbs Spaight

Today we continue our series on the Framers of the Constitution with a look at Richard Dobbs Spaight Sr., who represented North Carolina at the Philadelphia Convention.

Spaight was born in North Carolina but was sent to Ireland after his parents died when he was eight.

He was educated there and in Scotland, returning to North Carolina in 1778.  

He served in the state militia as well as in the state legislature.  

He also served in the Continental Congress after the Revolution.  

At the Philadelphia Convention, he attended every session and spoke on several occasions.  

He worked to gain ratification in North Carolina.

Spaight lost elections for the Senate and for governor, but was elected to the House in 1798.

He was killed in a duel with a political rival in 1802, at the age of 44.