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John Blair

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John Blair

John Blair, a delegate to the Philadelphia Convention from Virginia, was born in Williamsburg in 1732.

Blair practiced law in Williamsburg and served in Virginia's House of Burgesses.

He was actively involved in the colonial resistance to Great Britain, supporting moves to boycott the importation of British goods in reaction to the Townshend Duties.

Blair participated in Virginia's constitutional convention of 1776, sitting on a committee to amend George Mason’s declaration of rights and frame the state’s constitution.

He served on the Privy Council from 1776 to 78, was elected judge of the General Court, and was soon chief justice.

Although Blair consistently attended the meetings of the Philadelphia Convention, he did not speak or serve on a committee.

At the Virginia ratifying convention, Blair helped win support for the Constitution.

George Washington appointed Blair associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1789, where he served until 1796.