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Charles Pinckney

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Charles Pinckney


Charles Pinckney was the second cousin of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.

Both were delegates to the Philadelphia Convention from South Carolina, and both signed the Constitution.

Charles Pinckney was born in South Carolina, the son of a wealthy lawyer and planter.  

He trained as a lawyer.  

He served in the militia during the Revolution, was captured by the British, and remained a prisoner until 1781.  

He served in the Continental Congress and the South Carolina legislature.   

At the Philadelphia Convention, Pinckney spoke often.  

He was a good speaker who contributed to the compromises that made the Constitution possible.  

After the convention, he held a variety of political offices, including governor and U.S. senator.  

Although he began his career as a Federalist, he switched to the Democratic-Republican party and worked to give the vote to all white men.  

The last public office he held was a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.