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Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest delegate to the Philadelphia Convention.  

With the possible exception of George Washington, Franklin was the best-known man in America.

Born into a poor family, Franklin became an inventor, scientist, diplomat, and publisher.  

His Poor Richard’s Almanac was read nationwide.  

His career in public service was a long and varied one, including service as an ambassador to England and France and as governor of Pennsylvania.  

At the Philadelphia Convention, Franklin was a compromiser, using his wit to bring delegates together.  

He played an important role in creating the Great Compromise.

Franklin favored a strong national government and argued that the the Framers should trust the judgment of the people.  

Although he was in poor health in 1787, Franklin missed few sessions, being carried to and from the meeting place in a special chair.  

Although he did not agree with everything in the Constitution, he believed that no other convention would come up with a better document.