Justice Resource Center Conducts Project Citizen Summer Institute

Sep 10, 2019 / E-news

Twenty-five teachers participated in the Justice Resource Center’s Project Citizen Professional Development session this summer at the U.S. Federal Courthouse in New York City.

Judges and lawyers facilitated five days of sessions on public policy. “Each presentation clarified the roles of the branches of government on the Federal, state and local levels,” said one teacher participant.

Justice Resource Center Project Citizen Summer Institute

Participants in the Justice Resource Centers Project Citizen Summer Institute included Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann, as well as U.S. federal judges, lawyers, teachers, and mentors

“Having different judges and lawyers facilitate each session was very meaningful. I am eager to get started with my class on Project Citizen.”

Teachers will now implement Project Citizen in their classes with students participating in the culminating Justice Resource Center public policy showcase.

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