Declaration Resources Project Curates Content for Teachers’ Use in the Classroom

Aug 09, 2017 / E-news

When teaching students about the Declaration of Independence, there are a variety of valuable resources that can be found for free on the website of the Declaration Resources Project. The project curates content about the Declaration of Independence, teaching the origins and history of the document while providing research highlights and learning tools. A plethora of printable resources and insights about the Declaration’s importance and role in American history can be found on the Project’s website, as well as fresh takes on the document by scholars.

An educational video game for grades 6–12, “Portrait of Tyrant,” is also in the works to make learning more engaging for students. The adventure game has levels in different colonies, leading players through different events that occurred leading up to 1776 and highlights the grievances of individuals that culminated in the creation of the Declaration of Independence.

Check out the Declaration Resources Project on Twitter for more fun ways to teach the Declaration of Independence in the classroom!

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