Center Releases New We the People Ebook

Jul 31, 2013 / Announcements, E-news
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The Center has just completed transforming the We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution high school textbook into a highly interactive, cloud-based online resource that can be used as a self-directed or peer-to-peer tutorial, in blended learning classes, and as the basis for online courses.

The enhanced ebook takes full advantage of the video, audio, and textual resources of the Internet and makes the material interchangeably accessible on desktops and laptops using modern browsers. Mobile versions of the ebook for iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, and Android smartphones will be available soon.

The We the People enhanced ebook will soon be available on multiple devices.

The We the People enhanced ebook will soon be available on multiple devices.

The ebook includes new features that enhance teaching and learning. Each of the sections of the ebook can be introduced by an optional online guide who sets the context of the lesson and each section in it. This guide provides an anticipatory set by clarifying the objectives of the lesson and focusing students’ attention upon the essential elements of the lesson they are about to read.

Each section of a lesson is followed by objective and open-ended exercises calling for students to use what they have learned. Students’ responses to these exercises can be recorded in online portfolios that store all of their individual and collaborative work and that allow for student review and revision and monitoring by their teachers.

The ebook is interactive: students are given immediate feedback on their responses to objective exercises and an opportunity to take them again. They may also modify their responses to open-ended questions as they learn more about the subjects addressed.

Teacher tools allow educators to review student portfolios and comment upon their responses to open-ended exercises and objective questions. Students will have the option to work individually on these exercises or collaboratively with other students. This provides a learning experience that is personalized, adaptive, and self-improving.

The We the People enhanced ebook is available for $9.95 per user for a one-year license or $19.95 per user for a six-year license. Visit the enhanced ebook’s website for further information or contact Robert Leming. A free sample lesson and a User’s Guide are also available.

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