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World Congress Thematic Timeline

Beginning in 2003, the Center began assigning a theme to each World Congress.

2003 World Congress: Tolerance and Diversity: Mexico City, Mexico.
2004 World Congress: How civic education helps democracy work: Budapest, Hungary.
2005 World Congress: Advancing Peace and Stability through Active Citizenship. Amman, Jordan.
2006 World Congress: Civic Education: A Worldwide Movement. Warsaw, Poland.
2007 World Congress: Civic Conscience and Citizen Engagement. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Agenda.
2008 World Congress: Sustaining Civic Education: Achievements and Challenges. Ifrane, Morocco. Agenda.
2009 World Congress: Civic Education: Reconciling Our Past, Building a Democratic Future. Cape Town, South Africa. Agenda.
2010 World Congress: Embracing Diversity and Building Unity through Civic Education. Jakarta, Indonesia.