German-American Conference Print

Since the 1990s German and American counterparts have hosted a series of conferences focused on exchange of recent research and practitioner experiences in civic education.

On April 14-19, 2013 the German Federal Agency for Civic Education hosted a conference titled Solving ethno-national conflicts in Europe:  An example to the rest of the world? European capabilities and prospects in solving problems within and beyond the nation state. The Tutzing Academy for Civic Education hosted the meeting, which was aimed at researchers and practitioners in the field of didactics of civic education. The conference focused on minority rights as outlined in the Council of Europe committees, documents, and frameworks on the protection of national minorities and the relationship to civic education.

"Civic Education for a Global World," a Paper by Frances L. Kidwell, Ed.D.  

In March 2011, Germany’s Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Political Education), the Center for Civic Education, and Indiana University jointly sponsored the German-American Conference at Indiana University in Bloomington. The annual conference brought together German and American scholars and educators to discuss issues related to democracy and the development of an enlightened citizenry.

"Suffrage, Elections, and Some Implications for Civic Education in the United States," a Paper Presented by Margaret Stimmann Branson, Associate Director, Center for Civic Education