Civitas Regional Institutes Print

Civitas Regional Institutes are a Civitas International Programs strategy for sustainability, strengthening regional capacity, and expanding cooperation. The Institutes help address the long-term sustainability of the Civitas International Programs network by strengthening regional capacity and expanding cooperation among members of the network.

Recognizing their strengths in developing programs focused on human rights, tolerance, and reconciliation, the Center for Civic Education selected Co-operation Ireland as the first Civitas Regional Institute in 2009. The following year, Fundacion Presencia (Colombia) and the Moroccan Center for Civic Education were designated as Civitas Regional Institutes after an open call for proposals and a competitive review process. Over the next five to seven years, the Center intends to facilitate the development of Civitas institutes in the remaining regions. The Institutes will provide direct support services and foster a powerful network among partner organizations in order to maximize impact on youth and teachers and increase organizational strength.