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Fundación Presencia hosted its first Civitas Regional Institute workshop for the Latin American and Caribbean region from April 4–5, 2011 in Bogota, Colombia. The workshop focused on a Project Citizen and Human Rights adaptation developed by Fundación Presencia in close cooperation with the Civitas Latin America network. 

Derechos Humanos 
As a result of the workshop, a student manual and training of trainers guide for pilot testing in the region has been developed. In attendance at the workshop were coordinators representing twelve Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as special guests from the United States. One of these guests, Linda Ricketts, was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy to share her experiences as an education and training professional through a session entitled “Challenges in Human Rights Education at the Secondary Level.” In addition to reviewing and discussing the new material through intensive working group sessions, the workshop served to renew the network’s collective strength and commitment to expanding civic education efforts in the region.