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"The Jaan Tonisson Institute Civic Education Centre would like to thank the Centre for Civic Education for long and most fruitful cooperation during more than a decade of years. Estonian civic education and education in general found this cooperation to be very inspiring and enriching. We value especially the fact that the achievements did not stay only on the theoretical level but they have practical impact to our daily lessons and even national curriculum development."
Sulev Valdmaa
Head of the Jaan Tonisson Institute Civic Education Centre


"I will always keep in mind the invaluable tool the Center for Civic Education has given us all with the wonderful Project Citizen. I am always surprised to hear that we have problems to educate our children while we have only solutions thanks to people like all of our Center colleagues."

Boubacar Tall
Director, Civitas Senegal   


"On behalf of KPI (King Prajadhipok's Institute), all the teachers and students in the civic education program in Thailand, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for the Center and for Civitas International.  We have learned and grew so much from the Project Citizen, Foundations of Democracy and many other things from you and the Center.  Thank also for sharing with us, the wonderful website on 9/11... The Center's outstanding contribution in the field of civic education should continue for many more decades." 

Pimon Ruetrakul 
Academic Expert, King Prajadhipok's Institute