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Beginning in 2002-2004, Baltimore City Public Schools System, in partnership with the Center for Civic Education and the University of Maryland School of Law began a two-year piloting School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program (SVPDP) in elementary and middle schools throughout the city. Twenty-four teachers from United States Congressional Districts 2, 3, and 7 implemented the program curricula. In 2005, the Social Studies Curriculum Office formally incorporated the content from the program into its middle school curricula. In 2006, a second pilot program began, administered by the Maryland Center for Civic Education in partnership with the Center for Civic Education, with fourteen middle schools teachers involved. The pilot became a full year program during the 2006—2007 school year reaching an additional 960 students.

  September 2006 -  June 2007 September 2002 - June 2006 Total
Schools 8 18 26
Students 960 1140 2,100
Teachers 16 38 54
Community Leaders 2  8 10

Program Highlights and Anecdotes

    • A mentoring partnership has been formed with the Legal Forum of the Black Caucus of lawyers from the University of Baltimore School of Law.
    • Rosemont School piloted a Foundations of Democracy camp for grades K—7 in the summer of 2006.
    • Rosemont School is developing its own school-wide School Violence Prevention Program k-7 using their participation in the SVPD program as a base.
    • Lemmel Middle School held a school assembly and presented their Project Citizen portfolios, skits from Foundations of Democracy, and read essays “On What Democracy Means to Me.”
    • Every school will participate in the statewide Project Citizen Showcase in Annapolis, Maryland in May 2007. Some will field two or three teams.


Students constantly refer to what they have learned in the Foundations of Democracy curriculum and see it as directly connecting to their lives. One student noticed that in reading other materials the word power was used when the reference was really to authority.

Valerie Johnson, Teacher
Thurgood Marshall Middle School

The School Violence Prevention Demonstration Program workshops recapture what it means to be an “active learner” both as a student and a teacher. I look forward to working with the SVPDP “family” every opportunity that is presented.

Syvilla E. Woods, Teacher
Lemmel Middle School

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